Web Hosting Server location Matters

Web Hosting Server Location Matters in Local Search Results

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List of Best Web Hosting Providers by Location

Google, Bing, and Yahoo consider a web hosting server's “physical” location when ranking a website in both local and general search (for location-specific searches).

So if you are creating a website for your local business and think people will search for it by location, find the web hosting service provider close to you. This is one of the things you can do to give your local business the best chance to show up in search engine results placements.

If you're looking for web hosting close to these locations, click the link and read more about the top local web host:

Gloucester, UK web hosting

San Diego, California web hosting

Columbus, Ohio web hosting

Chicago, Illinois web hosting

Toronto Canada web hosting

New York web hosting

Florida web hosting

Los Angeles web hosting

Virginia web hosting

Halifax Canada web hosting

Arizona web hosting

Texas web hosting

Utah web hosting provider

Boston web hosting services

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