Follow these easy steps to setup a Wordpress Blog or Website Using HostPapa Web Hosting ...

1.  Login into your HostPapa cPanel.  If you don't have a HostPapa hosting account, get it now!

2.  Scroll down to the "Software/Services" section of cPanel.  Click on the round, blue smiley icon for "Fantastico De Luxe"

Use Fantastico to automatically install Wordpress. Installing Wordpress will automatically setup a required MySQL database.

3.  Scroll down left-hand navigation, and click on "WordPress" in "Blogs" section

4.  Click on blue "New Installation" link

5.  "Install on domain" - Choose the domain you want to install Wordpress on.

6.  "Install in directory" - Leave empty to install in the root directory of the domain (access example:
Enter only the directory name to install in a directory (for http://yourblogurl/name/ enter name only). This directory SHOULD NOT exist, it will be automatically created!

7.  Pick an administrator username (you will need this to login to wp-admin on your domain Wordpress installation)

8.  Choose Password (you also need this to enter the protected admin area)

9.  Pick admin nickname - this is the name that will be used as your byline next to posts

10.  Enter admin e-mail (your email address); make sure you enter an email address you have access to, obviously

11.  Enter your Site name - What do you want to call your blog?  Note you'll be able to change this later if you want.

12.  Enter your Description - What do you the tagline of your blog to be?  Note you'll be able to change this later if you want.

13.  Click "Install Wordpress" button

14.  Click "Finish Installation" button

15.  Enter your email address in this box - "Email the details of this installation to:"

16.  Go to your "" (use your domain, not "yourblogurl"), and enter your password and username from steps 7 & 8.  Bookmark this page so remember how to login.

Congratulations, you've installed Wordpress on your Hostpapa web hosting account!  Now wasn't that easy?!

How To Setup Wordpress on HostPapa Web Hosting


0 #2 Sam Bitensky 2012-10-04 20:45
How do i learn how to use Wordpress
+1 #1 Sam Bitensky 2012-10-04 20:44
I don't know how to use Wordpress. Do you do a tutorial starting from scratch.
Thank you Sam

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