Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an imaging software that's really good at keeping track of large numbers of photos, and also provides an extensive range of processing and manipulation functions. Plus, you can upload your Lightroom created website to a web host that supports Adobe Lightroom through FTP (like BlueHost).

Adobe Light room is broken into five intuitively designed modules: Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print, Web.  Making web galleries is super simple, and printing is a lot more intuitive in Lightroom than Photoshop.

With Bluehost web hosting, you can put your beautiful photos on the internet on your very own domain name.  In fact, Bluehost has created a "how to publish your website created with Adobe Lightroom" video that you can access on their website post getting a hosting package.

BlueHost is an affordable, reliable web host compatible with Adobe Lightroom.  So if you want to quickly and cheaply get your Adobe Lightroom built web pages onto the internet, Get BlueHost Hosting Now!

Bluehost Joomla web hosting

Lightroom 3 is useful even after you’re done editing the photos – you’re one click away from syncing your Flickr account with Lightroom and additional plug-ins will add support for more photo sharing sites. 

Exporting slideshows as videos, complete with titles and music, is another way that Lightroom 3 can help you show off your photos. Printing and watermarking tools are also available. It comes with native 64-bit support if you’ve got the proper CPU and OS version.



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