If you're worried about you site loading speed, and you should be, you may want to check out HostPapa today.

HostPapa just announced a new partnership with CloudFlare, a leading website performance optimization company. All HostPapa shared hosting customers now have FREE access to CloudFlare's service, right from their control panel!  Learn how to use CloudFare at HostPapa.

I added my HostPapa hosted websites to the CloudFlare service today and I did notice they were loading faster.  Adding your HostPapa sites to CloudFlare is really easy too.  You just click on the CloudFlare icon in the Software and Services section in cPanel, agree to the service terms and conditions, and then click on a little cloud icon for each of the sites you want to activate CloudFlare on.  Simple.

CloudFlare, the web performance and security company, set records this month hitting more than 100 million daily active users and more than 50 billion monthly page views.

Storing static web content at strategic locations around the world. This can speed up shared hosting websites by as much as 50%, and provide improved uptime and global accessibility!
Screening and blocking known malicious threats for enhanced security and protection and a reduction in unfriendly traffic.

Thanks to CloudFlare, HostPapa customers have access to the fastest networks, as well as performance and security resources previously unavailable to shared hosting clients.







CloudFlare is a great tool tool to help optimize website performance and security.  It's now free for all HostPapa hosting customers.

Quick setup & ease of use
Clients can quickly enable CloudFlare in the HostPapa control panel (cPanel) and change their DNS settings. There is no hardware to buy, and no software to install.

Web content optimization
CloudFlare's Content Delivery Network automatically stores website static content at locations around the world for faster delivery. CloudFlare's optimization tools minimize connections, compress intelligently, and ensure even pages with ad servers, third-party widgets, databases, and tools load quickly.

Enhanced security and protection
The CloudFlare community is always on the watch for the latest threats from hackers and spammers. Once detected, new attacks are blocked for the entire community.

CloudFlare analytics
CloudFlare reports give an in-depth look at visitor analytics, and help clients monitor traffic from threats, bots, and crawlers. All reports are clear and simple to read!










CloudFlare accelerates and protects any website online. On average, a website on CloudFlare:

  • - Loads 30% faster
  • - Uses 60% less bandwidth
  • - Has 65% fewer requests
  • - And, is way more secure.
Who can use CloudFlare:
  • CloudFlare is suitable for all websites, including dynamic websites. Signing up takes less than two minutes. If you do not like the service, it takes even less time to un-signup.
  • Note: This service is a beta collaboration between CloudFlare and HostPapa. 


Free Cloudfare Website Speed Improvement Service With HostPapa Hosting

BlueHost is upgrading their server hosting software to CentOS 6.

CentOS, Community ENTerprise Operating System, is a Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  CentOS 6 was originally released in mid-2011.

Here's the email Bluehost is sending to their customers prior to the upgrade:

"We're pleased to inform you that the server hosting your website will be undergoing a major software upgrade, from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6, within the next 48 hours.

Need a server SSL certificate? Click here.

This upgrade includes newer software packages (including Python, Perl and gcc), as well as all the security and performance benefits that come along with CentOS 6. In addition to this, the server will be redeployed with a different file system type simultaneously, further increasing performance.

Although a bulk of the upgrades to your server are being done with it online and functional, in order to safely finalize these changes our Administrators will need to temporarily take your server offline in the early morning hours.  Barring any extenuating circumstances this outage should only last about 2 hours.

Please note that while we do not anticipate your software having problems post-update, it may be required to re-compile any module(s) you are using to take advantage of the newer included libraries. We suggest reviewing your site afterward to verify that it is functioning as it should.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us."

Expression Engine's Requirements Update in 2.6

EE 2.4 was released last week. In case you didn't read all the way to the bottom of the release notes, we want to make sure you know that later this year ExpressionEngine's requirements will change.

Starting with ExpressionEngine 2.6, the new PHP & MySQL requirements will be:

PHP 5.2.4

MySQL 5.0.3

EE 2.6 is very tentatively scheduled for late Q2 this year, so you'll have at least 5-6 months to ensure your host meets the requirements when they change. Don't worry, the vast majority of web hosts already do.

This requirements change will allow the Expression Engine team to plan and implement new features in the most optimized way possible. We'll be sure to repeat this info on a regular basis.

You know who our favorite cheap host is - Hostgator!  So get Hostgator for your web hosting needs, including the new ExpressionEngine 2.6 when it comes out.

php-lohoRegister.com upgraded their web hosting cPanel to PHP Version 5.3.8.

If you're using Register.com hosting, and see warning messages on your website regarding "deprecated code", your website may be using older PHP versions for website functions or features. Or, if you site "breaks", it may be due to the update to PHP version 5.3.8.

The best solution is to upgrade your software you're using to the newest version.  For example, if you're using Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Zend Optimizer, or others - make sure you upgrade to the latest version.  This should take care of any issues.

However, there are some sophisticated pieces of software out there that can break due to this. In order to prevent any issues the best solution is to upgrade your software to the newest version possible.  Most PHP based software has already corrected any issues to facilitate moving to PHP 5.3.8.

All PHP users should note that the PHP 5.2 series is NOT supported anymore. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.3.8.

I know Hostgator takes customer service seriously. And with one picture, I think I can convince you of that fact as well. Check out this picture in New York's Time Square. Hostgator actually paid for a huge billboard to advertise not it's hosting product, but to help find people to hire to help with customer support for it's hosting product.

I'm impressed. Hostgator is doing whatever they can to meet the needs of a rapidly growing customer base. I even saw a Hostgator billboard in Provo Utah off of I-15 near the web hosts Bluehost and Hostmonster.

The advertising billboard in Times Square couldn't have been cheap. So, put me in the column of people that firmly believe Hostgator has their priorities rank ordered correctly. The customer is #1, just as they should be.

So if you're looking for a web host that is doing everything they can to make sure you have a good experience, check out Hostgator today!

If your current host has below average customer service, use Hostgator's free website transfer service.

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